FDT Introductory Course

We offer a 1-hour introduction class to introduce potential members to our unlimited defensive training program. During this introductory class, you’ll learn about the importance of proper firearms training and the basics of firearms safety, as well as the benefits of defensive training and the structure of our program “including but not limited to” Force on Force training, Scenario-based training, Fitness, Close Combat training, First Aid and Severe Bleeding Control, and more… 

With the Florida Defensive Training program, you can develop the skills and confidence you need to protect yourself and your loved ones in any situation. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – enroll in our orientation class today!

Address: 5744 NE 4th AVE, Miami, FL 33137

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We offer this 1-hour class 2-times a week:


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Florida Defensive Training in Miami. Florida's #1 Self Defensive Training School in Miami.

At the Florida Defensive Training program, we’re committed to providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to stay safe and protected. By enrolling in our 1-hour introduction class, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about our program and see if it’s the right fit for you. Spots are limited! So don’t hesitate – sign up for our introduction class today.

Milagros CruzMilagros Cruz
00:08 18 Jul 23
Delshonna ThelismaDelshonna Thelisma
16:23 09 Jul 23
This course was very informative the instructor Carlos was straight to the point. He was open for any and all question’s definitely recommend…Also there are many courses available I will be looking to take those as well.
Kelsey CooleyKelsey Cooley
18:12 25 Jun 23
I took the intro course and I almost canceled but I’m definitely glad I didn’t. I learned a lot and it was very informative. The instructor (Carlos) was very helpful and correct us when needed.
Jacques MoiseJacques Moise
00:00 13 Jun 23
Great wealth of knowledge from Carlos and company. I really like the real world interactions and much needed responses to those interactions.
Andrea AguilarAndrea Aguilar
16:53 29 Mar 23
It was an excellent experience to learn about self defense, specially for women and college students as me. I am glad that the FDT assisted to MDC West Campus so we can learn how to any act if we are in threat.
Diego PerezDiego Perez
02:06 30 Dec 22
Carlos is a fantastic instructor and did a great job showing the defending yourself from an dangerous situation is not something thats even feasible without proper training, can’t wait till I take further training.
Bryan SierraBryan Sierra
21:49 13 Nov 22
Great class, a lot of helpful information. Class is entertaining and very interactive. Trying their training next. Im glad I took this class. Great instructor.
Jessica BibboJessica Bibbo
20:40 02 Oct 22
I am very happy with this class. I went and booked the class for my boyfriend and I. This is something we have been looking forward to in a while and it is a great experience we will recommend to everyone. Carlos was very informative and made me feel comfortable of moving forward to get the license.
Kristen AliceaKristen Alicea
20:58 25 Sep 22
Carlos the instructor is extremely informative easy class, great atmosphere he wants you to succeed. I highly recommend taking all of his course work and buying the book online
Eddie CruzEddie Cruz
16:09 25 Aug 22
I became a member appropriately 3 months ago. I enjoy all the classes available to me. They are well planned out, and real life scenarios for surviving a real world attack. Just to mention I am a Martial Artist/ gym owner, and a active firearms instructor. Even with my own experience I feel the curriculum at FDT is priceless and a valuable addition to any previous training you may have. If you are a novice, the instructors take extra attention to assure you are grabbing the techniques. The courses are designed for all level students.Stop by, you won’t regret it.
Kevin Rohrer PAKevin Rohrer PA
00:19 27 Mar 22
Online course for concealed carry was great hosted by Chris. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get their CCW. Thank you Chris for sharing all the info and your own personal story.
Jay NiceJay Nice
20:36 30 Jul 21
Best training in Miami! More people should try it, no matter the level of experience. Frank does an amazing job at trying to get you where you want to be and pushing you in order to excel. I have improved in more than on aspect since I started training here. I recommend for everyone!!!
Kendar GuerreroKendar Guerrero
20:27 30 Jul 21
Great great great location for trained and untrained individuals. Great ways to work out while working on mental stress. Frank is amazing in listening when it comes to what YOU as an individual want to work on. Whether it's self defense, tactical training, or even cardio conditioning he will TEST YOU and you will be a much better improved person mentally and physically. Always recommended! Haven't stopped going since I began! Keep it up FRANK and thank you!
Shondo BladesShondo Blades
19:31 30 Jul 21
I’ve trained extensively in martial arts and firearms for a while, and this facility is by far one of best I’ve ever been to. I got some awesome new techniques that took my skillset to the next level. It was clean, but it still had that gritty feeling of a place where you were about to get that work in. If you looking to take your training to the next level, whether beginner or advanced, I highly recommend!
Dubey GuevaraDubey Guevara
18:41 30 Jul 21
I have been training with Franck for more than 6 months and he is by far, the most patient instructor out there. He is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and the passion he has for what he does is like no other. I’m a LEO and if one day his techniques can save me from harm, then all the blood, sweat and tears would have been worth it. I am forever thankful and recommend Frank at Florida Defensive Training for anyone who what’s to learn or even perfect their skills in close combat and/ or tactical handgun.